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Community Culture of Scholarship Program

Class of 2015 Total Scholarships Awarded - $32,100


Class of 2016 Total Scholarships Awarded - $29,800


Class of 2017 Amount Raised = $47,500

Class of 2017 Total Scholarships Awarded - $46,500


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General Scholarship Information:


College Scholarships available in Montana: Click here for more information.


Create A Local Scholarship For LPHS Students:

1) Scholarship Donor Information Sheet

2) Scholarship Donor Response Form (must be completed to create a scholarship)


Donate to a FOBSE Scholarship


To donate to a FOBSE Scholarship, go to www.fobsedonate.org.



Local Scholarships Available

For The LPHS Class of 2017

Click here for the 2017 FOBSE Community Scholarship Program Booklet


Ace Hardware Scholarship for Trades or Technology

Bartoszek Family Scholarthip for A Scholar Athlete

Bartzick Family Scholarship for Social Services

Bartzick Family Scholarship For Trades

Big Sky Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Big Sky Sotheby's International Realty Scholarship

Big Sky Western Bank Scholarship

Bough Family Scholarship

Buck and Helen Knight Foundation Scholarship

Callander Scholarship

Chapman Scholarship for Traditional Medicine

First Security Bank Scholarship

Friends of Big Sky (FOBSE) Scholarship

Gallatin Canyon Women's Club Scholarship

Gregory Mistretta Memorial Scholarship

Haas Builders Scholarship

Huntley Family Scholarship for Communication Arts

Huntley Family Scholarship for Environmental Studies

Moonlight Community Foundation Lee Poole Memorial Scholarship

Richard and Marie Luechtefeld Memorial Scholarship

Scott and Martha Johnson Scholarship

Simkins Family/Town Center Scholarship

Spanish Peaks Community Fund Scholarship

Tina Barton Memorial Scholarship for Arts, Education, or Culinary Studies

TRG Scholarship for Entrepreneurship in The Arts

Warren Miller Performing Arts Center Scholarship

Yellowstone Club Community Foundation Scholarship

Yellowstone Club Realty Scholarship