A better school builds a better community.

FOBSE is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization working to build a better Big Sky School District and Big Sky community.



Community Culture of Scholarship Program

Class of 2015 Total Scholarships Awarded - $32,100


Class of 2016 Total Scholarships Awarded - $29,800


Class of 2017 Amount Raised = $47,500


Class of 2017 Total Scholarships Awarded - $46,500


Class of 2018 Amount Raised over $80,000


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Art in the elementary classrooms is extended when community members and parents assist with photography, ceramics, batiking, drawing, painting, and other visual art media.  This takes the elementary art experience well beyond "arts and crafts." 


A 45 foot-long tile mural (pictured on the Welcome page) in one of the hallways is a product of community efforts.  Jill Zeidler worked for over a year with students, staff, and community members to design a mural that honors the school and the community's "sense of place."  The mural, featuring our beautiful scenery and abundant resources, was a community fundraiser held through FOBSE's capital campaign effort to complete the new building.








The K-12 music program is further enhanced by community members who provide training in voice and violin.


A small group of community volunteers, working under the auspices of FOBSE, annually hold a fundraising event called "Strings Under the Big Sky."  This event garners approximately $10,000 annually to enhance the K-12 music program. 


Through "Strings" the Big Sky School District connects with the Classics for Kids Foundation, the Muir String Quartet, and other musical resources in the Greater Gallatin Valley.