A better school builds a better community.

FOBSE is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization working to build a better Big Sky School District and Big Sky community.



Community Culture of Scholarship Program

Class of 2015 Total Scholarships Awarded - $32,100


Class of 2016 Total Scholarships Awarded - $29,800


Class of 2017 Amount Raised = $47,500


Class of 2017 Total Scholarships Awarded - $46,500


Class of 2018 Amount Raised over $80,000


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Welcome to the Friends of Big Sky Education (FOBSE) Website!


Our Purpose

Friends of Big Sky Education is a non-profit entity formed in 2004. FOBSE is organized exclusively for charitable purposes that enhance and support the education of Big Sky students and the Big Sky community, including cultural education and entertainment.


Our first, and certainly our biggest project, was facillitating the opening of our locally-governed high school in Big Sky. Lone Peak High School opened its doors in August 2009. We followed that with a capital campaign to build the school and community-based Warren Miller Performing Arts Center.


We've engaged in a number of long-term projects that support the Big Sky School District and the community, such as fundraising to upgrade the track and field, installation of bleachers, and donation of an activity bus. FOBSE promoted and organized funding for the 1:1 technology initiative.


We are also proud to sponsor a scholarship effort, raising and donating scholarships to graduating seniors who will attend college and other post-secondary education programs.


A Community Culture of Scholarship

Friends of Big Sky Education (FOBSE) sponsors a community-based college scholarship program for students graduating from Lone Peak High School and enrolling in an accredited post-secondary institution.


FOBSE promotes "A Culture of Scholarship" in the Big Sky Community, conveying to students that we expect them to continue their education, and we are proud to help them.


Since 2015, FOBSE has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to 35 students. To see the list of recipients for the Class of 2015, click here: for the Class of 2016, click here: for the Class of 2017, click here.


For information regarding how to dedicate a scholarship or apply for a scholarship, please click here.


To access the list of local scholarships available for LPHS graduating seniors, please click here.